Domestic and industrial water supplies can be unexpectedly compromised for a variety of reason. For example, in 2007 during the floods in Cheltenham we supplied potable water to parts of the city. Flood of sewerage works had caused drinking water supplies to be dangerously compromised.

Water2u are able to swiftly provide drinking water across the South West of England and South Wales, including as far afield as Surrey, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

We are able to provide stand pipes from our tankers to dispense water into containers for access by the public.

Fire Services

For companies with large, national scale, warehouse facilities for example, we are able to provide a refill service for their internal fire fighting team, ensuring that after an emergency event, they are able to respond to new events immediately rather than relying on a slow re-fill of their vehicles from the mains water supply.

image “Flooded River Severn, Worcester, UK. November 2012” © muffinn under licence.