Grassy Venues

During a drought sporting venues such as golf courses, football stadiums, cricket pitches and horse racing courses may need to secure water for their natural grass surfaces from out of their water restricted region. Water2u have helped prevent serious damage to grounds that can happen when soil moisture levels get too low and cause large cracks to form, aside from putting the grass under undue stress.

Preventing match postponements or opening delays and the loss of associated revenue is a major priority for sports and leisure customers.

Swimming Pools

Filling your private swimming pool can be a challenge. Do you manage a sports centre and have outdoor that need filling at the beginning of the season or indoor pools that need refilling quickly after maintenance so that you can resume provision of your facilities to your customers?

Some pools have to be filled quickly for structural reasons – we are able to fill your pool at a rate of up to 60,000 litres per hour, meaning that a 20ft pool can usually be filled by the two tankers needed in half an hour.

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