our services

Water delivery services offered by Water2u include emergencies, events, agriculture and many more.


During unforeseen events such floods, droughts or burst mains we can provide emergency bulk water services.


We can provide on-site water services for personnel, washing and welfare facilities.


Helping to make sure your event goes to plan. We can supply water for drinking, showers, toilets and marquee ballast.


We can deliver water to you to help sustain your buildings and livestock.


We pride ourselves on providing safe drinking water with rapid response times, minimising your downtime.

Sporting Facilities

We can supply water for various sports venues such as golf courses, football stadiums, cricket pitches, race courses and swimming pools.

Hygiene & Safety

We pride ourselves on providing clean, hygienic and quality drinking water.

Bulk Tanks

We can supply or rent the tanks delivered to your site.