Many large civil engineering projects do not have access to a mains water supply; however, water can still be required for several purposes.

Water2u can provide water delivery for construction sites. Operational 24/7 in case of emergency, Water2u provides water for welfare services, fabrication, concrete batching, drinking, and tank installation. Read more about our tanker capacities here

For example, we have provide fresh and potable water to numerous sites within the South West of England, such as Hinkley Point C and the National Grid Connection Project. You can read more about our work at Hinkley Point C in our case study here

Water Network Repair or Installation Testing

Alongside our reliance on our regional water supply utility, we provide a mobile water supply for testing of new or repaired parts of their network. Large quantities of water are required before connection or re-connection of pipes to the network to ensure that there are no leaks. We provide quantities of water, under pressure, from our tankers for the utility contractors to adequately test their work before connection to the area’s pipe network.

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